With Bachelor’s degree straight towards PhD

Congratulations to Lisa Marie Kaiser! Due to her exceptional performance, she was allowed to start her PhD directly after her undergraduate studies. Lisa is a perfect example for a young, ambitious woman in science!

In November, Lisa Marie Kaiser completed the bachelor’s program of Medical Science and Technology (Medizintechnische Wissenschaften) at the Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule) in Heidenheim with great success: She was awarded two prices. One for graduating as the best student in Medical Science and Technology in 2018 and another for her bachelor’s thesis about the endogenous anti-CXCR4 peptide EPI-X4 and its downstream signaling in hematologic malignancies. Already during her studies, she worked for the Institute of Experimental Cancer Research, led by Prof. Christian Buske. CRC1279 appreciates her achievement and her contribution to the characterization of endogenous peptides targeting leukemic stem cells in acute myeloid leukemia (project B01).

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