Ceremonial opening of the new Center for Quantum- and Biosciences at Ulm University

On Friday the 5th of July, the prime minister of Baden Wuerttemberg Winfried Kretschmann and financial secretary Gisela Splett formally handed over the new Center for Quantum- and Biosciences (German: Zentrum für Quanten- und Biowissenschaften, ZQB) to Ulm University. The building was funded by the german federal and state governments, because Profs. Martin Plenio, Tanja Weil, Frank Kirchhoff and Fedor Jelezko have successfully completed the competitive 91b federal funding program.

With its 2088 square meters of new laboratory space, the ZQB will become home to scientist of a plethora of fields including chemistry, physics and molecular medicine. It will thus be an ideal basis for interdisciplinary research collaborations. Together, the ZQB researchers want to transfer concepts of quantum technology to biomedical research, to ultimately enable high precision research and diagnostics.

CRC 1279 project leaders Profs. Fedor Jelezko, Frank Kirchhoff, Jan Münch, Martin Plenio and Tanja Weil will all receive new laboratory space in the ZQB. Of special interest for ongoing research projects will be the new laser laboratories in the basement of the building. They are constructed as ‘room-in room’ to be isolated from environmental disturbances such as noise, shock and electromagnetism and will thus allow extraordinarily precise analyses.