Certificate family-friendly university

Ulm University received its initial certificate as family-friendly university on 24 November 2008. Since then, the University has been successfully re-audited on a regular basis. The last audit was on 15 December 2017. The berufundfamilie GmbH reviews the practical implementation. Every three years, further goals can be stipulated as part of a re-audit. Ulm University is only allowed to keep the unmodified certificate upon a successful re-audit. The University pledges to carry out a family-conscious staff policy and to continuously keep working on reconciling family and studies/work.
Further information on the audit procedure: audit familiengerechte hochschule on the pages of berufundfamilie gGmbH

The following short profiles illustrate the University's goal for the audit. You will also find a brief excerpt of our measures.


short profile 2017-2020        Certificate 2017 Z4
short profile 2014-2017        Certificate 2014 Z3
short profile 2011-2014        Certificate 2011 Z2
short profile 2008-2011       Certificate 2008 Z1

Presentation of certifikate Z4 2018

audit-Projektleiterin Stöckle und Präsident Prof. Weber präsentieren die Zertifikatsurkunde
The contact of the family service of the Ulm University, Maria Elisabeth Stöckle, and president Prof. Michael Weber present the certificate which has been handed at the end of June in Berlin. (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt)

Presentation of certificate Z3

On 29 June 2015, Professor Ulrich Stadtmüller, Vice President for Teaching, was presented in Berlin with the third audit certificate for Ulm University.

photo Official certificate presentation 2015
Official certificate presentation in Berlin image source: berufundfamilie gGmbH; Prof. Ulrich Stadtmüller (2nd on the right), 2015

Family Service

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