Substitute pool for secretariats

Until further notice, Ulm University provides additional funds for illness- or family-related staff shortages in secretariats (whose personnel administration is provided by the Central University Administration). These promote and facilitate cross-departmental substitute assignments. In the past, several days or weeks of illness- or family-related staff shortage usually compromised the entire institute or department. The substitute pool was created to help with those situations.

The University financially supports initiatives where several institutions team up for mutual support in cases of family- or illness-related staff shortage (inter-institutional substitute pools) with additional staffing resources.

Requirements and further information

True to the motto 'stronger together', we welcome a wide participation in the substitute pool:

Registration for participation in the substitute pool

It is not absolutely necessary to register in order to be active as substitute staff within this pool. It merely makes the staff planning easier.

Please contact your HR officer when you have a concrete need for a substitute. Ideally, you can already name a staff who is willing to fill in and whose supervisor is happy for them to take on the extra work. If this is not the case, you can ask your HR officer whether someone in the substitute pool might be suitable.

Also interesting for secretariats

Ulm University has established a secretary network with the objective to develop a system for better and more efficient communication and support for new colleagues. The mailing list netzwerk-sekretariat(at) has more than 70 subscribers already. You can ask questions on all kinds of topics relating to the world of secretariats.
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