Reconciling studies, job and care obligations

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Offers from Ulm University:

for students: Zentrale Studienberatung (central student advisory services)       and info: Studying with family

for staff: Advice and info on relevant advisory services and support offers through care officer Maria Stöckle, Family Service or care officer Renate Löw de Mata, Equal Opportunities Officer, phone +49 731 50-22816; for advise on questions related to employment contracts please contact the HR Services department. Flexibility regarding work hours and work location as well as options for leave of absence will be reviewed upon application. More
The University also offers courses to help maintain (or regain) inner balance.

If the person requiring care is in hospital or a clinic, please contact the social service there. If the person requiring care has private health insurance, please call the Compass Pflegeberatung (care service). They also come to the hospital / clinic, if necessary.

The Pflegestützpunkte (care support bases) provide important advisory services to those with statutory health insurance (GKV). They help you find the best support for the patient, regardless of the insurance provider.
Advisory service points for senior citizens (Seniorenberatungsstellen) in the administrative district Neu-Ulm

Every health insurance provider offers care consultations.
They also help with the development of a personalised care plan.
We therefore advise that you specifically ask your health insurance provider for a care consultation.

Advice for patients with private health insurance: Compass, phone +49 800 1018800


We strive to support staff with caregiver responsibilities as best we can. To help us tailor our offers according to your needs and to truly reach our target audience, we would appreciate it if you could send a brief email to Maria Stöckle´, in which you tell us: ‘My caregiving experience lies in the past,’ ’I am a current caregiver’ or ’I am expecting a caregiving situation soon’.
Your personal data is subject to confidentiality, of course. Our care officer Maria Stöckle is happy to answer any questions.

10 steps to more freedom for caregiving employees (by berufundfamilie)

Remember that after six months of caregiving (care level/ grades 2 to 5) in a home environment, you are entitled to respite care (Verhinderungspflege/ stand-in-care).

Internal staff development events
on topics of caregiving, stress management, offers by the Occupational Health Management for maintaining and promoting health 

Guides for senior citizens (Seniorenwegweiser)
Seniorenwegweiser Ulm
Seniorenwegweiser Alb-Donau
Seniorenwegweiser Neu-Ulm

Federal Ministry of Family Affairs
Care service line at the Ministry for Family Affairs: Telephone +49 (0)30 2017 9131
Wege zur Pflege (advice on care) ; especially (family) caregiver leave
service portal Zuhause im Alter (aging at home)
info brochures on care from the Federal Ministry of Health here. (in English)

The homepage of the Zentrum für Qualität in der Pflege ZQP (centre for quality care) also offers help in finding suitable support services -
Online portal with helpful information on the topic of aggression and violence in care

Barrierefreies Bauen (barrier-free building), guideline from the Ministry of Economics (Ba-Wü), Jan 2017

I need of care. What now?  Pflegebedürftigkeit - was nun?

Specifics around dementia:
Info portal of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs Wegweiser Demenz (guide for dementia)  
ProjektDEMENZ Ulm (from Diakonie) offers related to dementia in Ulm and more
Gedächtnissprechstunde (memory consultation) Neurology, Ulm University Hospital

Brochure with helpful addresses, compiled by the social service of the Bethesda Clinic Ulm: homes for the elderly and cost coverage, outpatient care units, advisory services, visitor services, care groups, meals on wheels, recreational activities, conversation groups, home emergency call system, hospice and terminal care, repair works, lunch table, education for seniors, day care facilities, house/apartment clearances, January 2018

Relief through low-threshold care offers and household-related services
Since 2015, extra funding is provided through the Pflegeversicherung (long-term care insurance) for low-threshold care and relief services. The providers need to have a licence/accreditation to be eligible for payment through the long-term care insurance. Please contact the insurance provider (public or private) or the Pflegestützpunkt (care support base) for more information on the availability of accredited providers in the region.

Family Service

Maria Stöckle

Postal address:
Universität Ulm
Helmholtzstraße 16
89081 Ulm, Germany

Room number: E.19a
+49 731 50-25012
Fax: +49 731 50-25013
Mon-Wed | a.m.

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