Childcare at university events

Are you planning a university event and would like to offer a childcare service?

The Family Service can give you a list of childcare providers.
What the event organiser needs to contribute:
The event organiser needs to provide a suitable room*, e.g. room N24, 226 and, if necessary, catering. They also need to contract and pay the childcare provider. To ensure a child-friendly and child-safe environment, the event organiser needs to speak to the janitor to remove all mobile furniture for the duration of the childcare, except the few tables and chairs that are needed for the childcare. The event organiser also needs to ask Mr Bachmann to switch off the electricity on all power sockets for the duration of the childcare.
*Room search, *for room bookings contact Tom Schachtschneider
If you want to offer a childcare service during an event (e.g. function, symposium, convention, meeting), please contact the Family Service.

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