Deregistration - holiday programme

  • "Forschungsferien" and Science Camps

    Deregistration from the programme

    We sometimes have children on a waitlist – should your child not be able to participate after all, we would appreciate it if you could notify us as soon as possible so that we can offer the spot to another child.

    If you deregister your child after you have paid, an administrative fee of € 20 will be retained.

    If you deregister your child within 4 weeks before the beginning of the event, until Thursday before the event at the latest (Thu before 11:30 a.m.), a cancellation fee of 50% will be retained.

    If your child cannot participate in the holiday programme due to illness, you can present a doctor’s certificate until 2 days before the beginning of the event to receive a refund less the administrative fee of € 20.
    Refunds cannot be granted in the case of sickness or deregistration once the holiday programme has already started.

    What happens if the child spends the holiday week with their grandparents at short notice, or other reasons that are unrelated to sickness lead to them not participating in the programme? If the child is deregistered before Thursday 11:30 a.m. before the beginning of the holiday programme, no surcharge occurs. Later deregistration might incur a surcharge because the employer is generally not willing to contribute to an unused spot in the programme.

  • Ruhetal holiday programme

    If you want to deregister your child from the Ruhetal holiday programme, please do so in writing directly to Ruhetal. Please send an email to anja.kutter(at) and cc to karin.elsaesser(at) . The modalities are explained in detail in the therms and conditions of the summer camp facility Ruhetal Ulm.

  • Kindergartners in the holiday programme "Freimacher"

    No refunds are available for deregistration.
    If you are not sure if you really need the childcare, for example because your grandparents might be able to look after the child, please make a note in your registration. We will let you know if we can give you some time to think it over. This should be no problem if you are very early with your registration and there are no children on the waitlist yet. If a deregistration becomes necessary unexpectedly (before signing the care agreement with pipapo), please contact Ms Elsäßer.
    If a deregistration becomes necessary unexpectedly (after signing the care agreement with pipapo), please contact pipapo directly to see if a (partial) refund is possible and inform us about the outcome. If your employer subsidised the costs, the refund will go to you and your employer on a pro rata basis.

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