BECCAL Brainstorming Workshop

DLR Institute of Quantum Technologies 

Ulm, 12 - 13 December 2019


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Background of the Workshop

At the last Fundamental Physics Workshop the need for a brainstorming session on possible experiments using the BECCAL device and ideas on what could be the future for cold atom physics in microgravity was identified. This BECCAL brainstorming workshop is a consequence of this idea. Therefore, the format will be very different from standard workshops. After the outline of the technical capabilities of the BECCAL device there will be brainstorming sessions during which experiments for BECCAL as well as future space instruments beyond BECCAL should emerge. These discussions could take place with all participants or in smaller groups.

This workshop is designed to allow for all participants to start thinking about the possibilities to conduct experiments with the planned hardware and in addition to shape the future and develop experiments beyond BECCAL.