Theory Colloquium (summer term 2019)

11-07-2019Prof. Dr. A. Ravi P. Rau
(Louisiana State University)
Fifteen schoolgirls spread (5X3) across a week, a pair of qubits, and a rainbow of four basic colours: Common Patterns
08-07-2019Prof. Dr. Marlan O. Scully
(Texas A&M, Princeton and Baylor Universities)
THE QUANTUM THEORY OF THE LASER AND ITS APPLICATION TO: Bose Condensates, Unruh Radiation, and Fröhlich Protein Phase Transitions
03-07-2019Prof. Dr. Alexander E. Kaplan
(Johns Hopkins University)
ħ’s sign-reversal for spin-0 particle↔antiparticle transformation: anti-gravity and elimination of CPT-invariance
02-07-2019Prof. Dr. Sven Ahrens
(Shanghai Normal University)
Relativistic description of spin effects of the diffraction of electrons at standing light waves
28-06-2019Prof. Dr. Denys Bondar
(Tulane University)
Computational problems of physics that computers cannot solve
06-06-2019Dr. Helmut KlingThe Equivalence of Gravitational Field Energy and Mass and its Consequences