Publications 2000

A. Fisssel, U. Kaiser, B. Schröter, J. Kräußlich and W. Richter
"MBE-growth of heteropolytypic low-dimensional structures of SiC"
Thin Solid Films 380 (2000) 89-91

A. Fissel, B. Schröter, Ute Kaiser, W. Richter
"Advances in the molecular-beam epitaxial growth of artificially layered heteropolytypic structures of SiC"
Applied Physics Letters 77 (2000) pp. 2418-2420.
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A. Fissel, U. Kaiser, B. Schröter, J. Kräußlich, H. Hobert and W. Richter
"Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of Heteopolytypic and Low-Dimensional Structures of SiC"
Materials Science Forums Vols. 338-342 (2000) pp. 205-208.

J. Jinschek, U. Kaiser and W. Richter
"Void Shapes in the Si(111) Substrate at the Heteroepitaxial Thin Film / Si Interface"
Materials Science Forums Vols. 338-342 (2000) pp. 521-524.
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U. Kaiser, A. Chuvilin and W. Richter
"Illusion of New Polytypes"
Materials Science Forums Vols. 338-342 (2000) pp. 533-536.

A. Fissel
"Thermodynamic considerations of the epitaxial growth of SiC polytypes"
J. Cryst. Growth 212 (2000) 438-450.

V. Lebedev, J. Jinschek, U. Kaiser, B. Schröter, and W. Richter
"Epitaxial relationship in the AlN/Si(001) heterosystem"
Applied Physics Letters 76 (2000) 2029-2031.
electronic Version, 430 kB Adobe Acrobat PDF

R. Goldhahn, S. Shokhovets, J. Scheiner, G. Gobsch, T.S. Cheng, C.T. Foxon, U. Kaiser, G.D. Kipshidze, W. Richter
"Determination of Group III Nitride Film Properties by Reflectance and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies"
Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 177 (2000) 107.
electronic Version, 293 kB Adobe Acrobat PDF