Publications 2002

U. Kaiser and A Chuvilin:
Enhanced compositional contrast in imaging of nanoprecipitates buried in a defective crystal using a conventional TEM
Microscopy and Microanalysis 9 (2002) 36-41

U. Kaiser, D. A. Muller, J. L. Grazul, A. Chuvilin and M. Kawasaki:
From atoms to embedded nanocrystals: Direct observation of defect mediated cluster formation
Nature Materials 1-2 (2002) 102-105

U. Kaiser and I. Khodos
On the determination of partial dislocations Burgers vectors in fcc lattices and its application to cubic SiC
Philosophical Magazine A (2002) 82 (3), 541-551

S. Urban, F. Falk, T. Gorelik and U. Kaiser:
Laser Crystallization Mechanism of Amorphous SiC Thin Films on Glass
Materials Science Forum (2002) 389-393, 871-874

F. Bechstedt, A. Fissel, U. Grossner, U. Kaiser, H.-C. Weissker and W. Wesch:
Towards quantum structures in SiC
Materials Science Forum (2002) 389-393, 120-125

A. Fissel, U. Kaiser and H. Hobert:
Preparation of SiC nanorod structures containing Si nanocrystals
Materials Science Forum (2002) 389-393, 270-273

U. Kaiser, Th. Kups, A. Fissel and W. Richter:
Structure of SiC quantum wells studied by TEM and CBED
Crystal Research Technology 37 (5) (2002) 466-476

U. Kaiser, J. Biskupek, D. A. Muller, K. Gärtner and Ch. Schubert:
Properties of GeSI nanocrystals embedded in hexagonal SiC
Crystal Research Technology 37, 4 (2002) 391-406

Ch. Schubert, W. Wesch, U. Kaiser, A. Hedler, K. Gaertner, T. Gorelik and U. Glatzel:
Synthesis of Group IV Nanocrystals in SiC by Ion Beam Processing
Nuclear Instrument & Methods B 191 (2002) 428-432

T. Gorelik, U. Kaiser, Ch. Schubert, W. Wesch and U. Glatzel:
Transmission electron microscopy study of Ge implanted into SiC
Journal of Materials Research 17/2 (2002) 479-486

Ch. Schubert, U. Kaiser, A. Hedler, W. Wesch, T. Gorelik, U. Glatzel, J. Kräußlich, B. Wunderlich, G. Heß and K. Goetz:
Nanocrystal formation in SiC by Ge ion implantation and subsequent thermal annealing
Journal of Applied Physics 91/3 (2002) 1520-1524

Th. Kuhlmann, S. Yulin, T. Feigl, N. Kaiser, T. Gorelik, U. Kaiser and W. Richter:
Cr/Sc Multilayer Mirrors for the N Ka-line in the Water Window
Applied Optics 41 (2002) 2048-2052

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