Papers in Edited Journals 2006

N.A. Sobolev, M.A. Oliveira, V.S. Amaral, A. Neves, M.C. Carmo, W. Wesch, O. Picht, E. Wendler, U. Kaiser and J. Heinrich
Ferromagnetism and ferromagnetic resonance in Mn and As co-implanted Si and GaAs
Materials Science and Engineering: B 126 (2006) 148-150

J. Ehrhardt, A. Klimmer, J. Eisenmenger, Th. Müer H.-G. Boyen, P. Ziemann, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser
Influence of Ion induced Amorphicity on the Diffusion of Gold into Silicon
Journ. Appl. Physics 100 (2006) 063534

U. Kaiser & A. Chuvilin
Prospects of the multislice method for CBED pattern calculation
Int. Journ. of Material Research 97 (2006) 912-919

A. Ethirajan, U. Wiedwald, H.-G. Boyen, B. Kern, L. Han, A. Klimmer, F. Weigl, G. Kästle, P. Ziemann, K. Fauth, C. Jun, J. Behm, P. Oelhafen, P. Walther, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser
A micellar approach to magnetic ultra-high density data storage media-extending the limits of standard colloidal methods
Advanced Materials (2006) accepted

S.B. Thapa, C. Kirchner, F. Scholz, G.M. Prinz, K. Thonke, R. Sauer, A. Chuvilin, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser, D. Hofstetter
Structural and Spectroscopic Properties of AlN Layers Grown by MOVPE
Journ. of Crystal Growth (2006)

A. Karpenko, R. Leppelt, V. Plzak, J. Cai, A. Chuvilin, B. Schumacher, U. Kaiser and R.J. Behm
Influence of the Catalyst Surface Area on the Activity and Stability of Au/CeO2 Catalysts for the Low-temperature Water Gas Shift Reaction
Topics in Catalysis (2006) accepted