Prof. Dr. Ute Kaiser


Ute Kaiser

Phone: +49 (0)731/50-22950

             +49 (0)731/50-21509 (SALVE building)

Room: N27 / 2.006

            SALVE building / 01.11

Current research interests


low-voltage transmission electron microscopy:
microscopy modes (HRTEM, spectroscopy, diffraction), sample preparation, imaging theory and instrumentation


low-dimensional carbon materials, low-dimensional inorganic materials, hybrid materials, battery materials, semiconductors

Long-years expertise


conventional transmission electron microscopy, convergent beam electron diffraction, high-resolution electron microscopy, low-voltage transmission electron microscopy


semiconductors (predominately SiC and AlN), low-dimensional nanomaterials for optical applications, catalysis, battery materials, solar cells



Diplom Crystallographer, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
Title: „Growth of PbTe-PbSnTe-layers on insulator and semiconducting substrates with defined carrier concentration and high structural perfection“


PhD, Institute for Crystallography, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
Title: „Structure-related water incorporation in optical thin films”


Habilitation at Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany
Title: „Characterization of Thin SiC Films and Low-Dimensional Structures in SiC using Advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy“

Research affilations


Researcher at Academy of Science, Physical-Technical Institute, Jena, Germany


Researcher at Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany


Researcher at Technical University Illmenau, Germany

since 11/2004

Full Professor at University of Ulm, Germany

Research Stays


Guest scientist at Bell Labs, Newark, USA, Group Dr. David Müller


Several extended research stays at Cambridge University, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, group Dr. Mike Stobbs


Guest professor at Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Division of Materials Analysis, Tohoku University Sendai, Japan, Group Prof. Dr. Michiyoshi Tanaka

Ten High-lighted publications 2011-2012


P. Y. Huang, S. Kurasch, A. Srivastava, V. Skakalova, J. Kotakoski, A. V. Krasheninnikov, R. Hovden, Q. Mao, J. C. Meyer, J. Smet, D. A. Muller, and U. Kaiser
“Direct Imaging of a Two-Dimensional Silica Glass on Graphene”
Nano Lett. 12(2), 1081-1086 (2012)


J. Biskupek, P. Hartel, M. Haider, U. Kaiser
“Effects of residual aberrations explored on single-walled carbon nanotubes”
Ultramicroscopy DOI 10.1016/j.ultramic.2012.03.008 (2012)


L. Lechner, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser
“Improved Focused Ion Beam Target Preparation of (S)TEM Specimen - A Method for Obtaining Ultrathin Lamellae”
Micros. Microanal. 18, 379-384 (2012)


Z.Lee, J.C.Meyer, H.Rose and U.Kaiser
“Optimum HRTEM image contrast at 20kV and 80kV - Exemplified by graphene”
Ultramicroscopy 112, 39-46 (2012)


B. Westenfelder, J. C. Meyer, J. Biskupek, S. Kurasch, F. Scholz, C. E. Krill III and U. Kaiser
“Transformations of Carbon Adsorbates on Graphene Substrates under Extreme Heat”
Nano Letters, 11 (12), 5123-5127 (2011)


T. W. Chamberlain, J. C. Meyer, J. Biskupek, J. Leschner, A. Santana, N. A. Besley, E. Bichoutskaia, U. Kaiser and A. N. Khlobystov
“Reactions of the inner surface of carbon nanotubes and nanoprotrusion processes imaged at the atomic scale”
Nature Chemistry, 3, 732-737 (2011)


A. Chuvilin, E. Bichoutskaia, M. C. Gimenez-Lopez, T. W. Chamberlain, G. A. Rance, N. Kuganathan, J. Biskupek, U. Kaiser and A. N. Khlobystov
“Self-assembly of a sulphur-terminated graphene nanoribbon within a single-walled carbon nanotube”
Nature Materials, 10, 687-692 (2011)


J.C. Meyer, S. Kurasch, H.-J. Park, V. Skakalova, D. Künzel, A. Groß, A. Chuvilin, G. Algara-Siller, S. Roth, T. Iwasaki, U. Starke, J.H. Smet, and U. Kaiser
“Experimental analysis of charge redistribution due to chemical bonding by high-resolution transmission electron microscopy”
Nature Materials, vol. 10, 209-215 (2011)


J. Kotakoski, A. Krasheninnikov, U. Kaiser and J. Meyer
“From Point Defects in Graphene to Two-Dimensional Amorphous Carbon”
Physical Review Letters, 106, 10 (2011)


U. Kaiser, J. Biskupek, J.C. Meyer, J. Leschner, L. Lechner, H. Rose, M. Stöger-Pollach, A.N. Khlobystov, P. Hartel, H. Müller, M. Haider, S. Eyhusen, and G. Benner
“Transmission electron microscopy at 20kV for imaging and spectroscopy”
Ultramicroscopy, 111, 8, 1239-1246 (2011)

Five High-lightened earlier publications


A. Chuvilin and U. Kaiser
“On the peculiarities of CBED pattern formation revealed by multislice simulation”
Ultramicroscopy, 104, (1), 73-82 (2005)


U. Kaiser and A. Chuvilin
“Enhanced Compositional Contrast in Imaging of Nanoprecipitates Buried in a Defective Crystal Using a Conventional TEM”
Microscopy and Microanalysis, 9, 36–41 (2003)


U. Kaiser and I. Khodos
“Burgers vectors of dislocations in the hexagonal lattice -a comparative study of GaN and AlN thin flms”
Philosophical Magazine A, vol. 82, 541-551 (2002)


U. Kaiser, D.A. Muller, J.L. Grazul, A. Chuvilin and M. Kawasaki
“Direct observation of defect-mediated cluster nucleation”
Nature Materials, 1, 102-105 (2002)


U. Kaiser, A. Chuvilin and W. Richter
“On the peculiarities of bright/dark contrast in HRTEM images of SiC polytypes”
Ultramicroscopy, vol. 76, 21-37 (1999)