Hauptseminar Advanced Materials: "Exploring the Nanoworld" - Nobelprizes

Supervisors: Prof. Herr (UH), Prof. Kaiser(UK)

Time and location:

Room: 43.2.104

the preliminary schedule is as follows:

24.11.11 16-18

8.12.11 16-18

22.12.11 16-18

19.1.1012 16-18

2.2.2012 16-18

By default, the presentations will be given in the order of the time of the Noble prices awarded (Röntgen first ...). If you want to change the order, please find somebody to change with and notify Prof. Herr and Prof. Kaiser in time.

If you are an EST student, you have to register this course as an elective with Dr. Kohnle; for this, you should give a short statement to her why this seminar is interesting for you (not just because it has 3 CPs ...).

Information for Participants:

- There is a list of topics to choose from, and each participant will give a presentation about one topic

- You have to discuss your planned presentation with your assigned supervisor prior to the actual seminar (make an appointment with your supervisor in time!)

- You will prepare a 30 min presentation (it is important to keep the time !)

- There will be about 10-15 min time for questions and discussion after each presentation

- You will prepare a short paper about the presentation topic which has to be submitted to your supervisor within 2 weeks after your presentation

- To qualify for the credit points, you have to (actively) participate in the other students presentations

List of topics

For the list of topics visit the homepage of Prof. Herr.