Tutorial: Introduction to Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) Planning

At ICAPS 2018, Pascal Bercher and Daniel Höller gave a half-day tutorial about Hierarchical Task Network (HTN) Planning.

The tutorial was split into two parts, both presented by Pascal and Daniel. Topics included:

Part I:

  • Standard Problem Formalization
  • Features that can be compiled away
  • Standard restrictions on the general problem
  • Complexity results for standard problem restrictions
  • Expressivity analysis

Part II:

  • Solving HTN problems via plan space search
  • Solving HTN problems via progression search
  • Solving HTN problems via compilation to STRIPS
  • Solving HTN problems via compilation to SAT
  • A heuristic based on a Task-Decomposition Tree
  • A family of heuristics based on a relaxed compilation
  • Excursion: Introduction to non-HTN hierarchical planning formalizations

You can download the slides for Part I and Part II. Contact us if you have further questions!

 You can also check out the website for the First ICAPS Workshop on Hierarchical Planning organized by us.