CRC 1279 well-represented at the Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2022

Eight members of CRC 1279 participated at the Peptide Therapeutics Forum 2022 of the Swiss Chemical Society at August 25th and 26th in Basel. It provided exciting insights into latest progress on peptide optimization and development against various diseases, including cancers, infectious diseases and obesity. In addition, the forum presented an excellent opportunity for networking and inspiring discussions. The students of the CRC presented posters of their progress on the development of improved inhibitors of the HIV fusion peptide, highly potent CXCR4 antagonists and novel endogenous peptidic modulators of autophagy. In addition, the speaker of the CRC, Frank Kirchhoff, presented an overview on peptides inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 infection. Members of CRC 1279 exchanged many innovative ideas and initiated promising new collaborations with other participants of this exciting meeting.

From left to right: Jan Münch, Thomas Vorherr, Frank Kirchhoff, Helene Hönigsperger, Chiara Pastorio, Dennis Freisem, Mirja Harms, Fabian Zech, Christoph Jung