CRC 1279 well represented at the Society for Virology's 32nd Annual Meeting

The 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Virology took place from March 28th to 31st, 2023 in Ulm and was chaired by Prof. Stamminger. Participants were eager to meet in-person again after two years of virtual gatherings due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Over 800 scientists participated in this lively event and members of CRC 1279 presented their latest findings in a series of talks and posters.

A workshop organized by the young Society for Virology (jGfV) already provided an opportunity for junior scientists to meet and network prior to the regular meeting. As part of a lecture series entitled “Science – Stories to inspire”, Profs. Kirchhoff and Münch presented the history and key results of CRC 1279. Subsequently, Prof. Stephan Urban (Heidelberg) gave insights into the obstacle-rich discovery and clinical development of the peptidic hepatitis D-virus inhibitor Myrcludex B (now named Hepcludex®) that is now very successfully used for treatment of chronic hepatitis D, illustrating the therapeutic potential of peptide-based drugs.

At the regular GfV meeting, five students of the Institute of Molecular Virology presented their latest findings on topics ranging from anti-viral autophagy modulation to transduction-enhancing amyloidogenic peptides. Additionally, Jun-Prof. Sparrer delivered a keynote presentation on innate sensing and defense of viral pathogens. Finally, attendees enjoyed a social evening at the Maritim Hotel Ulm providing a chance to unwind and network in a relaxed environment. We enjoyed a very successful meeting, are proud that research of CRC 1279 was well received, and are looking forward to future opportunities to exchange knowledge and ideas.

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