Getting away from the labs: CRC 1279 Student Retreat Highlights Diverse Post-Graduate Career Paths

Student members of the CRC 1279 organized an engaging retreat that shifted the spotlight away from laboratory settings and onto the array of post-graduate career opportunities. This year's event, the first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, took place from May 4th to 5th at the Humboldt Institute in Lindenberg, Baden-Württemberg. The occasion featured esteemed alumni from academia and the private sector as guest speakers, who shared their experiences and showcased the diverse pathways they had pursued after completing their PhD or Postdoc studies.

The two-day retreat provided an ideal platform for students from all groups of the CRC to present their latest research. Additionally, it facilitated valuable networking opportunities through hiking trips and a social evening. Throughout the program, attendees were given the opportunity to enjoy talks by distinguished professionals: Dr. Annika Röcker, Dr. Simone Joas, and Prof. Dr. Janis Müller, each offering unique insights into their respective career trajectories.

Dr. Röcker, now working as a journalist for the Wort und Bild Verlag, emphasized the field of science communication and professional writing, drawing from her experiences as a trainee for Spektrum der Wissenschaft. Dr. Joas, in turn, provided a glimpse into the daily work and challenges faced as a forensic scientist at the LKA Baden-Württemberg, delving into the cutting-edge technologies employed in criminal investigations. On the second day, Prof. Dr. Müller shared his personal journey from being a bachelor's student to overseeing his own research group as a Virology Professor at the University of Magdeburg.

In addition to the enriching talks and networking sessions, participants had the opportunity to showcase and discuss their latest research findings during poster sessions. To further enhance their presentations, the attendees were introduced to 3D-printing technology, enabling them to create models of their peptides of interest. Notably, the CRC commended Stefanie Lietz, Nicole Stadler, and Kübra Kaygisiz for their exceptional and imaginative data presentation ideas, awarding them the top three places in the poster session.