Conference on "Dynamical systems on random graphs" - second announcement

September 18-21, 2012 Centro Internacional de Encuentros Matematicos, Castro Urdiales, Spain

A conference on "Dynamical systems on random graphs" will take place in Castro Urdiales (Spain) from September 18 to September 21, 2012. The conference will take place at the CIEM (International Centre for Mathematical Meetings) in Castro Urdiales. A preliminary list of participants can be found here.

Dynamical models on random graphs are increasingly being used in applied sciences (e.g. computational neuroscience, development of search machines, investigation of percolation processes, social sciences etc.) as mathematical tools to study complex systems whose exact structure is too complicated to be known in detail.

On the other hand, differential equations on thin manifolds, metric graphs and ramified structures (usually dubbed "quantum graphs") have gained much popularity over the last years, in particular in view of their applicability in the fields of quantum chaos and quantum mechanics. Quantum graphs on random media have thus begun to be studied in recent years. While some of the mathematical methods and models are common, there seems to be no significant interactions between these two fields so far.

This conference aims at bringing together mathematical physicists, experts of dynamical systems and neuroscientists, all with research interests in graph theory, networks, complex systems, continuous dynamical systems on random graphs and heterogeneous media, and their applications.

The conference will comprise 4 sessions, each devoted to a different topic: random graphs and spectral theory, point models (e.g., neural networks or coupled ODEs), spatial models (e.g., quantum graphs or detailed neuron models) and complex networks.

We plan to allow a significant amount of time for interdisciplinary discussion.

The list of keynote speakers will include

Castro Urdiales is a lively seaside town in eastern Cantabria (Spain), located approx. 45 km from Bilbao Airport. While the conference will be held on the premises of the CIEM, their facilities do not include a guest house. Contrary to the first announcement, we are now able to offer rooms (at a special rate) for all participants in two hotels (Hotel Las Rocas**** and Hotel Miramar***) close to the CIEM, the conference venue. The room rates for the Hotel Miramar*** are 50€  the single room and 65€ the double room + 8% taxes (breakfast included) and for the Hotel Las Rocas**** are 79€ the single room and 89€ the double room + 8% taxes (breakfast included).

If you are interested in participating, please contact any of the organisers as soon as possible:

In case you want to participate with a contributed talk or poster, please submit an abstract of not more than 300 words before July 15, 2012. Requests for hotel room reservations can only be processed before August 15, 2012.