Functional Analysis in winter 2021/2022

Recent Information

The exercise classes are not taking place in the first week. Please register for the corresponding Moodle-course. The organisation of the course and the exercise classes will be managed there.


We will discuss in this course: infinite-dimensional vector spaces, continuous linear operators , the theorems of Baire, Hahn-Banach, Lax-Milgram, ...

This course lays the fundament for subsequent analysis courses on master niveau as for example Partial Differential Equations, Harmonic Analysis, Mathematics of Finance, Numerics.

Intended Audience and Prerequisites

This module can be credited both in bachelor and master of Mathematics/WiMa/MaBi as a "Wahlpflichtmodul" in pure mathematics (analysis). This requires an exam over the full course in the end of the semester and is worth 9 ECTS.

Furthermore, this module is mandatory for students of Mathematical Data Science. For those students only the first half of the course will be examined, which is worth 4 ECTS.


The prerequisites are Analysis I and II, Linear Algebra I and II, and some measure theory. Nore that the course "Elemente der Funktionalanalysis" is no prerequisite, since most of the material will be complementary to that.

Date and Time

  • Lecture
    • tuesdays  12:15-14:00, H14 (N 24)
    • thursdays  8:15-10:00, H12 (N 24)
  • Exercise classes
    • wednesdays 14:15-16:00, H3 (N25)


Credit Points

  • 4+2 SWS, 9 ECTS-points for the full course
  • 2+1 SWS, 4 ECTS-points for half of the course (Mathematical Data Science)