Gradient Flows and Variational Methods in PDEs

Basic information about the winter school
  • 25–29 November 2019 at Ulm University
  • minicourses given by four main speakers and short communications by participating young researchers
  • social activities and workshop dinner on Wednesday
  • Organizers: Anna Dall'Acqua, Manfred Sauter, Emil Wiedemann, Rico Zacher

Variational methods, and in particular gradient flows, are effective and elegant tools for the study of nonlinear partial differential equations. Not only are such methods important within mathematics, e.g. for the understanding of geometric flows and elliptic equations, but they are also crucial in applications like theoretical physics, materials science, or fluid mechanics. A variational interpretation of a differential equation always yields valuable insight into the physical structure of the problem.

The school is composed of two main components: minicourses (3 times 60 minutes) of the invited main speakers, and short communications (20 minutes each) of young researchers. The minicourses, given by internationally leading experts, are aimed at Master's and PhD students and postdocs, and provide an introduction to a research field of current interest.

Young researchers may apply to give a short communication. The school starts on Monday, November 25, at 9 am, and ends Friday after lunch. 

Main speakers and minicourses

We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, the minicourse by Christian Seis (University of Münster) has been cancelled.

  • Verena Bögelein (University of Salzburg)
    A Variational Approach for Evolution Problems
  • Yann Brenier (ENS Paris)
    Gradient Flows and Variational Methods for Fluid Motions
  • Ralph Chill (TU Dresden)
    Approximation and Regularity for Abstract Gradient Flows
  • Anna Mazzucato (Penn State)
    Optimal Mixing in Incompressible Flows and Irregular Transport

Registration, participants and travel information

Registration is closed. We have asked all registrants to confirm participation (by email reply) until October 20. Please confirm as soon as possible if you have not done so yet! You can have a look at the list of participants in order to check whether we properly received your confirmation.

Those of you for whom we arrange Hotel accomodation in Ulm should have received their individual booking details by the end of October.