Special information for the winter semester 2021/22 due to the corona pandemic

With the entry into force of the current Corona VO Studienbetrieb as of June 30, 2021, the planning of the winter semester is currently carried out as it is going to be a predominant attendance semester. Accordingly, it can be assumed that as many courses as possible will be offered face-to-face. Very large lectures, which exceed the current requirements for capacity in the lecture halls, are either held online (asynchronously) or alternatively which a weekly change of the attendance groups.

We will keep you informed about the semester planning and further developments.

Your Chemistry Study Commission

Moodle courses are created for all courses. In the Moodle course, the lecturers provide information about the teaching format. The timetables published on this homepage under "Studies and Teaching" are based on face-to-face events, unless an alternative implementation format is explicitly stated (e.g. asynchronous basic lectures that are offered in the form of recordings via Moodle). Please note that the conditions can change at any time. You will therefore receive binding information on the individual courses in the Moodle course.

Examinations are scheduled regularly and in attendance. As usual, corresponding examination schedules with provisional dates are also published for this purpose under "Study and Teaching", which should enable you to plan the end of the semester and the lecture-free period as well as possible.

Please see German version of this website for information. A Face-to-face info event for the Master Chemistry will be carried out in German. International students who are starting the Master in Chemistry will be contacted by the coordinator during the first week of the reading period for a short separate English introduction.

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