System description

EDACC (Experiment Design and Administration for Computer Clusters) is a framework for the design, execution and analysis of (large) experiments with arbitrary algorithms. 

The EDACC framework consists of 3 major (required) components:

  1. database (DB): stores all information about the algorithms, problems and experiments
  2. graphical user interface (GUI): a Java framework for managing algorithms and problems and also to create and analyze experiments
  3. client (launcher): a client that is responsible for the execution of the algorithms on some arbitrary system

and some further (optional) components:

  1. web front end (WF): a web client to perform monitoring and analysis of the experiments
  2. job server: a small application that increases the throughput of the system when large-scale grids are used
  3. visualizer: an application to visualize the configuration process of algorithms and to analyze the results
  4. automatic algorithm configurator API: a Java API for parallel automatic algorithm configurators
  5. eAAC: EDACC based automatic configurator framework, which includes several automatic algorithm configurators


The source code is hosted on Sourceforge

A preliminary user guide can be found here.

Team members

Active members:

  1. Adrian Balint (project leader)
  2. Simon Gerber (main developer: GUI Experiment Mode, client, job sever, eAAC)
  3. Daniel Diepold (main developer: WF, client, AAC API, eAAC)

Former members:

  1. Robert Retz (main developer: GUI Manage DB Mode Instances, Properties)
  2. Daniel Gall (main developer: GUI Manage DB Mode Solvers)
  3. Gregor Kapler (testing)
  4. Melanie Handel (main developer: monitor and vizualisations)
  5. Juri Schulte (co-developer eAAC)
  6. Frank Mugrauer (co-developer eAAC)
  7. Raffael Bild (developed the first version of the client)
  8. Borislav Junk (developed the first version of the client)