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Aktuell: In der Arbeitsgruppe Ultraspurenanalytik sind zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt Masterarbeiten zu folgenden Themen zu vergeben:  "In-Situ Bestimmung von Hg-Spuren in Gewässerproben" Ansprechpartner: Vivian Stock und Kerstin Leopold;  "Direkte Detektion von Silbernanopartikeln in biologischen und Umweltproben" Ansprechpartner: Anja Brandt und Kerstin Leopold;  "Iron trace analysis in biologicals samples using X-ray fluorescence spectrometry – Development of sample preparation and calibration strategies" Ansprechpartner: Andreas Gruber und Kerstin Leopold

September 2019: Dominic Brucker receives the 2. Poster Award at the CANAS meeting in Freiberg. Congratulation Dominic!

April 2019: The Editorial Board of Spectrochimica Acta B has selected the paper entitled "Investigation of the atomization mechanism of gold nanoparticles in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry“ by Anja Brandt and Kerstin Leopold as the 2nd best paper published in 2018. The award will be given at the Special SAB session at SciX2019 in October in Palm Springs, CA, USA.

March 2019: Anja Brand receives the 2. poster award at the ANAKON 2019 meeting in Münster. The title of the awarded poster is "Investigation of the atomization mechansim of gold nanoparticles in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry". Congratulation Anja!

March 2018: Alexander Przewodnik receives the 2. Poster Award at the CANAS/ESAS meeting in Berlin. Congratulation Alex!

June 2017: We congratulate Jessica Huber for her successful PhD defense!

April 2017: The latest research on "Sizing gold nanoparticles using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry“ is featured on the Cover of JAAS (Leopold et al., J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 32 (2017) 723–730)

Juli 2016: Anja Brandt receives the 3. Poster Award at the ISEAC 39 (International Conference Series on Environmental and Food Monitoring) in Hamburg. Congratulation Anja!

Februar 2016: Kerstin Leopold has been awarded the Mileva Einstein-Maric Price for her outstanding involvement in the fields of Research, Teaching and University Self-Administration and at the same time reconciling her work with family life. Congratulations!

June 2015: Maria Schlathauer was awarded a 3-year doctoral grant from the Deutschen Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). Her subject is the  "Development of Test Stripes with catalytic active Nano Gold Layers for the identification of Mercury Traces with Atom Fluorescence Spectrometry and Plasmon Resonanz Spectrometry". Congratulation Maria!

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