Industriepraktikum in den Ingenieurwissenschaften

The Internship Office of the Department of Engineering Sciences is responsible for handling the voluntary industrial internships in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Electrical Engineering and Information Systems Engineering as well as the Master's degree programme in Communication and Information Technology.



Guideline for voluntary industrial internship PDF

Application for industrial internship PDF

Confirmation for industrial internship PDF

Activities classified as "confidential" by the companies cannot be recognised in principle.


Voluntary industrial internship

It is strongly recommended to all those students who are planning to do or currently doing an internship to attend these seminars. You may avoid delais in fulfilling all the requirements for this course.

Voluntary industrial internship

Kindly note, the industrial seminars take place only during summer term.

The next seminars in summer term 2024 take place on:

29.04.2024, 13.05.2024, 01.07.2024, 15.07.2024




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