Colloquium Cognitive Systems

Hippocampal Sequences: A Dynamical Perspective on Encoding

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold (University of Freiburg)


Abstract: The hippocampus is a mammalian brain structure that is crucially required for the formation of autobiographic episodic memories in humans and has been attributed to memories of space in rodents. I will give an introduction into the neurobiology of the mammalian hippocampus with a focus on temporal organization of neural activity (a.k.a. sequences) and advertise a model that shows that an existing reservoir of sequences can be used to explain the hippocampal place code and solve SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) problems.

Bio: Diploma and PhD in Theoretical Physics (TUM) with specialization on theory of Hebbian learning for sound localization. Postdocs at TUM, HU & Charite Berlin on memory formation in the hippocampus. Associate Professor of Computational Neuroscience at LMU Munich focussing on modeling, neural data science and behavioral physiology. Since October 2021, Full Professor for Theoretical Systems Neuroscience at ALU Freiburg.