Colloquium Cognitive Systems

The Cognitive Systems Colloquium is an interdisciplinary series of presentations from leading researchers in the field who provide insights into their latest scientific developments. Its goal is to provide a general overview by sampling different perspectives from this new and quickly developing research field. The colloquium is open to all researchers and students interested in these topics.

25.04.2019Poster Presentation Day
16.05.2019Prof. Dr. Fred Hamker (TU Chemnitz)
The role of cortico-basal ganglia-thalamo-cortical loops for working memory, categorisation and habitual learning:
A neuro-computational approach towards cognition

Local host: Prof. Dr. Heiko Neumann
23.05.2019Dr. Falk Lieder (MPI Tubingen)
Rationality Enhancement: Towards theories and tools for helping people become more effective
Local host: Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Alexander Braun
30.05.2019Christi Himmelfahrt
06.06.2019PhD Kathrin Gerling (KU Leuven)
Vulnerability at Play: Digital Games in Sensitive Settings
Local host: Prof. Dr. Enrico Rukzio

Antonio Rodriguez-Sanchez (Universität Innsbruck)
Evaluation of Deep Learning in abstract classification
Local host: Prof. Dr. Heiko Neumann

04.07.2019 Marcus Nyström (Lund University, Sweden)
Demystifying eye tracking: can eye trackers measure (binocular) eye movements?
Local host: Prof. Dr. Anke Huckauf

Alexander Perzylo, Dr. Markus Rickertz (fortiss Munich)
Toward Knowledge-Based Digital Engineering
Local host: Prof. Dr. Birte Glimm


Rosario Tomasello (FU Berlin)
Brain connections of words: A neurobiologically constrained model of semantic processing in sighted and visually deprived populations
Local host: Prof. Dr. Günther Palm


Felix Wichmann (Uni Tübingen)
Object recognition in man and machine
Local host: Prof. Dr. Marc Ernst