Ulm University

It's a pleasure to announce that our institute was represented at the 31st European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO) held in Helsinki, Finland.

Alexander Tsaregorodtsev and Adrian Holzbock presented their work in automated radar calibration for infrastructure sensors and data-free neural network pruning. The LUKAS project founded the work on automated radar calibration from Alexander Tsaregorodtsev. The conference was also a nice place to expand our knowledge, and Helsinki was a nice place to visit.

Our presented papers:

  • Automated Automotive Radar Calibration With Intelligent Vehicles; Alexander Tsaregorodtsev, Michael Buchholz, and Vasileios Belagiannis (Arxiv)
  • Data-Free Backbone Fine-Tuning for Pruned Neural Networks; Adrian Holzbock, Achyut Hegde, Klaus Dietmayer, and Vasileios Belagiannis (Arxiv)