Test Carriers for Automated Driving

For our work in the area of automated driving and driver assistance systems as well as connected driving, we at MRM operate various test carriers to research, test, and evaluate new methods in real-life conditions. Besides lab setups, which, e.g., replicate one or more sensor modules of a vehicle, this comprises series cars, which have been extended to automated research vehicles. Furthermore, together with parters, we research on new automated vehicle concepts. We also implement and realize the automation functions in the respective concept vehicles.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Dietmayer
Room: 41.2.222
Phone: +49 (0)731 50 27000
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Priv.-Doz. Dr.-Ing. Michael Buchholz
Room: 41.2.221
Phone: +49 (0)731 50 27003
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Lab Setups

We use lab setups especially for our research in the area of perception and the further modules to built an environment model, e.g., to evaulate the interaction of different sensors. Besides others, within the scope of moularisation and service-orientation of autimated vehicles, we develop sensor modules that are first realized as lab setups before being used in a vehicle.

Sensor Module Lab Setup from the Project UNICARagil (funded by BMBF)

Research Vehicles

Our institute operates several reserach vehicles based on commercially available series cars, which have been prototpyically adapted for automated driving. They have been equipeed with appropriate sensors and control units. The sensors perceive the traffic around the vehicle, and based on that data, we calculate the so-called environment model. Based on this, the current traffic situtaion is analzed and predicted into the near future to plan the require actions and reactions of the vehicle to safely drive along the desired route. This plan is then transmitted to the respective controllers for steering angle and acceleration/deceleration. Addtionally, our vehicles provide various communication units to research on connected traffic systems.

Research vehicle of the Ulm University equipped for automated driving, based on a Mercedes S class

Prototpyical Concept Vehicles

The full automation of the driving task allows for the realization of new vehicle concepts, which, e.g., do not have a human driver anymore. Together with our partners, we researcj on such vehicle concepts and realize the automated driving functions in the respective prototpypical concept vehicles. In addition to the new usage concepts, especially the areas of modularisation and service orientation of the technical realization plays an imprtant role in our work.

The autoTAXI vehicle from the project UNICARagil (funded by BMBF).

Permissions and Data Protection

We have obtained all required permissions to operate our research vehicles on puplic roads.

The test carriers perceive personal data, which are processed and stored for our research. More information on data privacy can be found on "Versuchsträger: Informationen zur Datenverarbeitung" (German only), inlcuding links to additional data processing explanations for specific projects (if appropriate).

An MRM research vehicle drives along a street at the pilot installtion for connected driving.