ITSC 2023

Ulm University

It was a great pleasure for our institute to present our recent work in the field of autonomous driving at the 26th IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC) in Bilbao, Spain.

Aldi Piroli, Adrian Holzbock, Jan Strohbeck, Johannes Kopp, Markus Horn, Matti Henning, Max Mertens, Oliver Schumann and Thomas Griebel gave talks about their newest research topics that covered various topics of the fields of robust and adaptive perception, sensor calibration, path planning and much more!

The research was funded by the following projects and partners: AUTOtech.agil, EVENTSproject22, UNICARagil, Ushift II, BMW Group.
Looking forward to the next ITS conferences IV and ITSC in Korea and Canada!

Our presented papers:

- Adrian Holzbock: Pedestrian Environment Model for Automated Driving

- Aldi Piroli: LS-VOS: Identifying Outliers in 3D Object Detections Using Latent Space Virtual Outlier Synthesis

- Aldi Piroli: Towards Robust 3D Object Detection In Rainy Conditions

- Jan Strohbeck: Graph-Based Trajectory Prediction with Cooperative Information

- Johannes Kopp: Simultaneous Clutter Detection and Semantic Segmentation of Moving Objects for Automotive Radar Data

- Markus Horn: User Feedback and Sample Weighting for Ill-Conditioned Hand-Eye Calibration

- Matti Henning: Advancing Frame-Dropping in Multi-Object Tracking-by-Detection Systems Through Event-Based Detection Triggering

- Oliver Schumann: Efficient Path Planning in Large Unknown Environments with Switchable System Models for Automated Vehicles

- Thomas Wodtko (presented by Thomas Griebel): Adaptive Patched Grid Mapping