Dr.-Ing. Michael Buchholz

Research Interests

System identification and modelling of technical systems

Model-based methods for control, optimization and supervision of technical systems

Application areas

Research group Electric Mobility:

  • Model-based analysis and assessment of (electric) power-train topologies
  • Optimization of driving dynamics, efficiency and costs by model-based operation and energy management strategies in electric power-trains
  • Enhanced lifetime by model-based supervision and control of components
  • Usage of additional route and environmental information within optimized operation strategies

Besides the full power-train of electric and hybrid vehicles, also the energy source components (battery, super-capacitors and/or fuel cells) are in the focus of my research activities.


List of publications in the institute's publication database

Publications in earlier years before my time at MRM


Lecture Introduction to Control Enegrineering (summer semester, German)

Lecture Digital Controls (summer semester, German)

Lecture Modelling of Dynamic Systems (winter semester, German)

Lecture Identification of Dynamic Systems (winter semester, German)

Previous teaching at MRM:

Revision of the Control Engineering Lab (German)

Summer semesters 2009 to 2012: Lecture Digital Controls

Summer semesters 2009 to 2010: Lecture Nonlinear Controls

Winter semester 2009/2010: Lecture Systems Theory

Further Responsibilities

LaTeX templates for theses and the institute's dissertation series

Member of the faculty's commussion for study affairs since summer semester 2016


Research Group Leader and Lecturer ("Akademischer Oberrat")


Dr.-Ing. Michael Buchholz
Room: 41.2.219
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