Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 1, 1996


  • W. Arendt, C. Batty:
    Asymptotically almost periodic solutions of inhomogeneous Cauchy problems on the half line.
  • W. Arendt, C. Batty:
    Almost periodic solutions of first and second order Cauchy problems.
  • W. Arendt, T. ter Elst:
    Gaussian estimates for second order elliptic operators with boundary conditions.
  • W. Balser:
    On the central connection problem for equations with an irregular singular point of a single level.
  • M. Bohner:
    Discrete Sturmian Theory.
  • T. Chatelain:
    Quelques remarques sur des problèmes d'optimisation de valeurs propres.
  • R. Chill:
    Stability results for individual solutions of the abstract Cauchy problem via Tauberian theorems.
  • A. Driouich, O. El-Mennaoui:
    On the inverse formula for Laplace transforms.
  • K. Engel:
    On the characterization of admissible control- and observation operators.
  • I. Fahrner, U. Stadtmüller:
    On almost sure max-limit theorems.
  • E. Franks, A. McIntosh:
    Discrete quadratic estimates and holomorphic functional calculi of operators in Banach spaces.
  • R. Gérard, H. Tahara:
    A new version of the factorization of an equation of the form F(x,y,τ y)=0.
  • S.-Z. Huang:
    Completeness of eigenvectors of group representations of operators whose Arveson spectrum is scattered.
  • P. Jørgensen:
    Harmonic analysis of fractal processes via C∗-algebras.
  • W. Jurkat:
    Der Divergenzsatz mit Distributionen.
  • V. Keyantuo, P. Vieten:
    On analytic semigroups and cosine functions in Banach spaces.
  • W. Kratz:
    An extremal problem related to the maximum modulus theorem for Stokes functions.
  • W. Kratz, D. Liebscher:
    A local characterization of observability.
  • E. Liflyand:
    Interpolation properties of a family of function spaces.
  • S. Monniaux:
    A new approach to the Dore-Venni theorem.
  • F. Moricz, U. Stadtmüller:
    Harmonic and logarithmic summability of orthogonal series are equivalent up to a set of measure zero.
  • S. Pierce:
    Congruence of matrix polynomials.
  • J. Prüß:
    Laplace transforms and regularity of solutions of evolutionary integral equations.
  • F. Räbiger, A. Rhandi, R. Schnaubelt:
    Non-autonomous Miyadera perturbations.
  • M. Ulm:
    The interval of resolvent-positivity for the biharmonic operator.
  • M. Ulm:
    Asymptotics of a new population model with quiescence.
  • P. Vieten:
    A short note on functions of bounded semivariation and countably additive vector measures.


  • W. Arendt:
    Spectral bound and exponential growth: survey and an open problem.
  • W. Balser:
    A problem for entire functions, arising from the theory of multisummability.
  • R. Chill:
    Does a B-convex Banach space have the (analytic) Radon-Nikodym property?