Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 12, 2007

  • W. Arendt and M. Chovanec:
    Dirichlet regularity and degenerate diffusion
  • W. Arendt and R. Mazzeo:
    Spectral Properties of the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Operator on Lipschitz Domains
  • W. Arendt and T. Regińska:
    An ill-posed boundary value problem for the Helmholtz equation on Lipschitz domain
  • W. Arendt and A. Zamboni:
    Decomposing and twisting bisectorial operators
  • W. Balser and C. Röscheisen:
    Solving the hypergeometric system in terms of one higher transcendental function
  • C.J.K. Batty, R. Chill and S. Srivastava:
    Maximal regularity for second order non-autonomous Cauchy problems
  • M. Biegert, M. Einemann and M. Kunze:
    Regular Form Perturbations
  • M. Biegert and M. Warma:
    The heat equation with nonlinear generalized Robin boundary conditions
  • M. Bohner, O Došlý and W. Kratz:
    Sturmian and spectral theory for discrete symplectic systems
  • M. Chovanec:
    Ultracontractivity for degenerate diffusion
  • J. Dittrich:
    On Boundary Value Problems for Surfaces of a Prescribed Line Element with positive Curvature
  • J. Dittrich:
    Existence and Uniqueness Theorems for a Geometric Initial Value Problem
  • M. Einemann:
    Semigroup Methods for the Black-Scholes Operator and the Invariance of Level Sets with Applications in Finance
  • E. Fašangová and P. J. Miana:
    Hilbert, Dirichlet and Fejér families of operators arising from C_0-groups and cosine functions
  • M. Haase:
    The group reduction for bounded cosine functions on UMD spaces
  • S. Hofmann, M. Mitrea and S. Monniaux:
    L^p-bounds for the Riesz transforms associated to the Hodge Laplacian in Lipschitz domains
  • J. Hu and M. Zähle:
    Generalized Bessel and Riesz potentials on metric measure spaces
  • W. Kratz and M. Tentler:
    Recursion formulae for the characteristic polynomial of symmetric banded matrices
  • M. Kunze:
    Very Weak Integration of Transition Semigroups
  • E. Liflyand:
    Remarks on Hausdorff operators
  • J.W. Neuberger:
    Potential Theory for Nonlinear Semigroups
  • R. Nittka:
    Strong Approximation of the Robin-Laplacian Semigroup via the Gaussian Semigroup in Spaces of Continuous Functions
  • R. Nittka and M. Sauter:
    Sobolev Gradients for Differential Algebraic Equations
  • E.M. Ouhabaz:
    A spectral multiplier theorem for non-self-adjoint operators
  • U. Stadtmüller and M. Thalmaier:
    Strong Laws for Delayed Sums of Random Fields