Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 17, 2012

  • Wolfgang Arendt and Reiner Schätzle
    Semigroups generated by elliptic operators in non-divergence form on C_0(Ω)
  • Fatih Bayazit, Ulrich Groh, and Rainer Nagel
    Floquet representations and asymptotic behavior of periodic evolution families
  • Joachim von Below, Gaëlle Pincet Mailly, and Jean François Rault
    Growth order and blow up points for the parabolic Burgers’ equation under dynamical boundary conditions
  • Adam Bobrowski and Katarzyna Morawska
    From a PDE model to an ODE model of dynamics of synaptic depression
  • Stephan Fackler
    Regularity of Semigroups via the Asymptotic Behaviour at Zero
  • Simona Fornaro and Abdelaziz Rhandi
    On the Ornstein Uhlenbeck operator perturbed by singular potentials in Lp–spaces
  • Moritz Gerlach
    On the peripheral point spectrum and the asymptotic behavior of irreducible semigroups of Harris operators
  • Alexander Gomilko, Markus Haase, and Yuri Tomilov
    Bernstein functions and rates in mean ergodic theorems for operator semigroups
  • Tobias Hansel and Abdelaziz Rhandi
    The Oseen-Navier-Stokes flow in the exterior of a rotating obstacle: The non-autonomous case
  • Daniel Hauer
    Convergence of bounded solutions of nonlinear parabolic problems on a bounded interval: the singular case
  • Parimah Kazemi and Robert J. Renka
    Nonlinear optimization in Hilbert space using Sobolev gradients with applications
  • Matthias Keller, Daniel Lenz, Hendrik Vogt, and Radosław Wojciechowski
    Note on basic features of large time behaviour of heat kernels
  • Markus C. Kunze
    Perturbation of strong Feller semigroups and well-posedness of semilinear stochastic equations on Banach spaces
  • Markus Kunze and Jan van Neerven
    Continuous dependence on the coefficients and global existence for stochastic reaction diffusion equations
  • Pedro J. Miana, Juan J. Royo, and Luis Sánchez-Lajusticia
    Weighted Lebesgue inequalities applied to convolution algebraic structures
  • Sylvie Monniaux
    On the Navier-Stokes equations in unbounded domains
  • Delio Mugnolo and Serge Nicaise
    Well-posedness and spectral properties of heat and wave equations with non-local conditions
  • Delio Mugnolo and Robin Nittka
    Convergence of operator semigroups associated with generalised elliptic forms
  • Tobias Nau and Jürgen Saal
     H∞ -calculus for cylindrical boundary value problems
  • Robin Nittka
    Projections onto convex sets and Lp-quasi-contractivity of semigroups
  • Konstantin Pankrashkin
    Unitary dimension reduction for a class of self-adjoint extensions with applications to graph-like structures
  • René Pröpper
    Heat Kernel Bounds for the Laplacian on Metric Graphs of Polygonal Tilings
  • Three-lines Proofs