Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 20, 2016/2017

There is also a .pdf document available with the table of contents of Ulmer Seminare, issue 20.

A. Three-line proofs

  • Wolfgang Arendt:
    Liouville’s theorem, pp. 3–5
  • Wolfgang Arendt and Ralph Chill:
    Pettis’ theorem and very weakly measurable functions, pp. 5–7
  • Benjamin Célariès and Isabelle Chalendar:
    Three-lines proofs on semigroups of composition operators, pp. 9–14
  • Ralph Chill:
    Short proof of the Ingham–Karamata theorem, pp. 15–17
  • A.F.M. ter Elst and Sylvie Monniaux:
    Convergence of eigenvalues, pp. 17–18
  • Stephan Fackler, Jochen Glück, and Manfred Sauter:
    On continuously embedded Banach spaces, pp. 19–20
  • Jochen Glück:
    On dense subspaces of the intersection of two Banach spaces, pp. 21–23
  • Gisele Ruiz Goldstein, Jerome A. Goldstein, Rosa Maria Mininni, and Silvia Romanelli:
    A generalized Trotter product formula, pp. 25–28
  • Markus Haase:
    A short and elementary proof of “spectral radius equals norm” for selfadjoint operators, pp. 29–31
  • Markus Haase:
    Goldstine’s theorem without topology, pp. 31–32
  • Markus Haase, Peer Christian Kunstmann, and Hendrik Vogt:
    On the numerical range of generators of symmetric L-contractive semigroups, pp. 33–39
  • Moochan Barnabas Kim, John W. Neuberger, and Wolfgang P. Schleich:
    A perfect memory makes the continuous Newton method look ahead, pp. 41–44
  • Jan Prüss:
    A three-lines proof of the vector-valued Jensen inequality, pp. 45–47
  • Wolfgang M. Ruess:
    Fréchet spaces with the Schur property, pp. 47–49
  • Jürgen Voigt:
    On Green’s function, pp. 51–55

B. Open problems

  • Wolfgang Arendt, Dominik Dier, and Stephan Fackler:
    J. L. Lions’ problem on maximal regularity, pp. 57–72
  • Wolfgang Arendt, A.F.M. ter Elst, and James B. Kennedy:
    Can one hear the shape of a drum? – 50 years later, pp. 73–76
  • Guy Cohen and Michael Lin:
    The numerical range of Ritt contractions, pp. 77–80
  • Guillermo P. Curbera and Werner J. Ricker:
    Multipliers for spaces of unconditional series in the Hardy spaces Hp(D), pp. 81–84
  • Stephan Fackler:
    Regularity and maximal regularity, pp. 85–87
  • Stephan Fackler:
    The angle problem for the H-calculus, pp. 87–88
  • Jochen Glück:
    Is the peripheral spectrum of positive operators cyclic?, pp. 89–95
  • Batu Güneysu:
    The BMS conjecture, pp. 97–101
  • Antoine Henrot:
    Two open problems in spectral theory, pp. 101–105
  • Bernd Kawohl:
    Two dimensions are easier, pp. 107–112
  • Pedro J. Miana:
    Fractional convolution product associated to Mittag-Leffler functions, an open problem, pp. 113–118
  • Mustapha Mokhtar-Kharroubi:
    Some questions on absorption semigroups on L1(μ) spaces, pp. 119–124
  • Delio Mugnolo:
    Is essential self-adjointness of TT equivalent to essential self-adjointness of TT?, pp. 125–127
  • Delio Mugnolo:
    How to project onto convex functions?, pp. 125–127
  • Rainer Nagel:
    9 (AGFA-)Probleme: Version 2016, pp. 127–128
  • Werner J. Ricker:
    Commutativity of selfadjoint matrices, pp. 129–131
  • Manfred Sauter:
    How twisted can a Jordan curve be?, pp. 133–140
  • Vincenzo Vespri:
    Quasilinear evolution problems: Sharp estimates on the kernel estimates and Harnack estimates, pp. 141–148

C. Research articles

  • Wolfgang Arendt and Marcel Kreuter:
    Mapping theorems for Sobolev spaces of vector-valued functions, pp. 151–170
  • Wolfgang Arendt, Stefan Kunkel, and Markus Kunze:
    Diffusion with nonlocal Robin boundary conditions, pp. 171–195
  • Anna Dall’Acqua and Klaus Deckelnick:
    An obstacle problem for elastic graphs, pp. 195–210
  • Dominik Dier:
    Non-autonomous forms and invariance, pp. 211–223
  • Stephan Fackler:
    Non-autonomous maximal Lp-regularity under fractional Sobolev regularity in time, pp. 225–245
  • El-Mennaoui Omar and Laasri Hafida:
    On evolution equations governed by non-autonomous forms, pp. 245–254
  • Paweł Keller and Iwona Wróbel:
    A very fast, numerically stable, and accurate algorithm for inverting general tridiagonal matrices, pp. 255–261
  • Hynek Kovařík and Delio Mugnolo:
    Schrödinger operators on exterior domains with Robin boundary conditions: heat kernel estimates, pp. 263–281
  • Vincent Laurent:
    An alternative proof of the Faber–Krahn inequality, pp. 281–287
  • Alexander Nerlich:
    Asymptotic results for solutions of a weighted p-Laplacian evolution equation with Neumann boundary conditions, pp. 289–306
  • Manfred Sauter:
    Uniqueness of the approximative trace, pp. 307–331
  • Frank Steiner:
    Do black holes exist in a finite universe having the topology of a flat 3-torus?, pp. 331–351
  • Vicente Vergara and Rico Zacher:
    Stability, instability, and blowup for time fractional and other non-local in time semilinear subdiffusion equations, pp. 353–372