Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 4, 1999

  • W. Arendt:
    Different domains induce different heat semigroups on C0(Ω).
  • W. Arendt:
    Resolvent positive operators and inhomogeneous boundary conditions.
  • W. Arendt, B. de Pagter:
    Spectrum and asymptotics of the Black-Scholes partial differential equation in (L1, L∞)-interpolation spaces.
  • W. Balser, D. Lutz, R. Schäfke:
    On the convergence of Borel approximants.
  • A. Batkai, S. Piazzera:
    Damped wave equations with delay.
  • C. J. K. Batty, M. Blake:
    Convergence of Laplace integrals.
  • C. J. K. Batty, R. Chill, Y. Tomilov:
    Strong stability of bounded evolution families and semigroups.
  • C. J. K. Batty, S. B. Yeates:
    Weighted and local stability of semigroups of operators.
  • A. Bolibruch:
    Elementary proof of the Birkhoff-Grothendieck theorem with parameters.
  • R. Chill, J. Prüss:
    Asymptotic behaviour of evolutionary integral equations.
  • I. Fahrner, U. Stadtmüller:
    Strong approximation of maxima by extremal processes.
  • G. Gripenberg, Ph. Clément, S.-O. Londen:
    Smoothness in fractional evolution equations and conservation laws.
  • G. Gühring, F. Räbiger:
    Asymptotic properties of mild solutions of nonautonomous evolution equations with applications to retarded differential equations.
  • K. Hawlitschek:
    Greensche Funktionen für Diffusionsprozesse mit beweglichen Rändern.
  • P. Imkeller, Ch. Lederer:
    Some formulas for Lyuapunov exponents and rotation numbers in two dimensions and the stability of the harmonic oscillator and the inverted pendulum.
  • N. J. Kalton, G. Lancien:
    Lp-maximal regularity on Banach spaces with a Schauder basis.
  • S. Karrmann:
    Gaussian estimates for second order operators with unbounded coefficients.
  • W. Kratz:
    Elementare Potentialtheorie.
  • G. Metafune:
    Lp-spectrum of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators.
  • W. Ricker:
    The spectral theorem: a historical viewpoint.
  • S. Schweiker:
    Maximal Lp-regularity of second order differential equations on the line.