Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 5, 2000

  • R. Agarwal, M. Bohner, D. O'Reagan, A. Peterson:
    Dynamic Equations on Time Scales: A Survey.
  • W. Arendt, S. Bu:
    The Operator-Valued Marcinkiewicz Theorem and MAximal Regularity.
  • W. Arendt, S. Bu:
    Tools for Maximal Regularity.
  • W. Balser:
    Summability of Power Series in Several Variables, with Applications to Singular Perturbation Problems and Partial Differential Equations.
  • A. Batkai:
    On the Effect of Small Delays to the Asymptotics of Feedback Systems.
  • C. J. K. Batty, R. Chill:
    Approximation and Asymptotic Behaviour of Evolution Families.
  • M. Biegert:
    The Neumann Laplacian on Spaces of Continuous Functions.
  • S. Boulite, L. Maniar, A. Rhandi, J. Voigt:
    The Modulus Semigroup for Linear Delay Equations.
  • M.M. Duelli:
    Diagonal Operators and MAximal Regulariry.
  • E. Fasangova:
    A Banach Algebra Approach to the Weak Spectral Mapping Theorem for C0-Groups.
  • A. Favini, G. Ruiz Goldstein, J.A. Goldstein, S. Romanelli:
    Nonlinear Boundary Conditions for Nonlinear Second Order Differential Operators on C[0,1].
  • G. Fragnelli:
    Classical Solutions for Partial Functional Differential Equations with Nonautonomous Past.
  • S. Karrmann:
    Non-Autonomous Forms and Unique Existance of Continuous Solutions.
  • W. Kratz:
    Sturm-Liouville Difference Equations and Banded Matrices.
  • W. Kratz:
    A Tauberian Theorem for the Borel Method.
  • Y. Latushkin, R. Shvydkoy:
    Hyperbolicity of Semigroups and Fourier Multipliers.
  • G. Lumer:
    Laplace Transform and Supports: A General ``Isotropic'' Theorem of Paley Wiener Type.
  • L. Maniar:
    Stability of Asymptotic Properties of Hille-Yosida Operators under Perturbations.
  • D. Müller, A. Seeger:
    Regularity Properties of Wave Propagation on Conic Manifolds.
  • S. Schweiker:
    Bisectorial Operators.
  • U. Stadtmüller:
    One-Sided Tauberian Conditions and Double Sequences.
  • D. Werner:
    Recent Progress on the Daugavet Property.
  • T.J. Xiao, J. Liang:
    Schrödinger-Type Evolution Equations in Lp(Ω).
  • T. Yokota:
    Invariance of Closed Sets under Semigroups of Nonlinear Semigroups.