Contents of Ulmer Seminare Volume 6, 2001

  • W.Arendt, C.J.K.Batty, and S. Bu:
    Fourier Multipliers for Hölder Continuous Functions and Maximal Regularity
  • W.Arendt, S.Bu:
    Operator-Valued Fourier Multipliers on Periodic Besov Spaces and Applications
  • W.Balser, V.Kostov:
    Singular Perturbation of Linear Systems with a Regular Singularity
  • W.Balser, V.Kostov:
    Recent Progress in the Theory of Formal Solutions for ODE and PDE
  • M.Benes:
    On the Optimality of the Critical Spectrum
  • M.Bohner, A.Peterson:
    Laplace Transform and Z-Transform: Unification and Extension
  • S.Bu, R.Chill:
    A Remark about the Interpolation of Spaces of Continuous, Vector-Valued Functions
  • R.Chill:
    On the Lojasiewicz-Simon Gradient Inequality
  • R.Chill, Y.Tomilov:
    Stability of C0-Semigroups and Geometry of Banach Spaces
  • P.N.Dowling, C.J.Lennard and B.Turett:
    Weakly Compact Sets and Fixed Point Free Maps in c0
  • E.Emel'yanov, M.Wolff:
    Operator Semigroups with Small Attractors
  • A.Favini, G.R.Goldstein, J.Goldstein and S.Romanelli:
    The Laplacian with Generalized Wentzell Boundary Conditions
  • M.Haase:
    A Decomposition Theorem for Generators of Strongly Continuous Groups on Hilbert Spaces
  • M.Haase:
    A Characterization of Group Generators on Hilbert Spaces and the H∞-Calculus
  • M.Jazar:
    A Generalization of Gelfand's Theorem
  • M.Kramar, D.Mugnolo and R.Nagel:
    Semigroups for Initial Boundary Value Problems
  • W.Kratz:
    Discrete Oscillation
  • Y.Latushkin, F.Räbiger:
    Fourier Multipliers in Stability and Control Theory
  • J.Liang, T.Xiao and F.Li:
    Multiplicative Perturbation of Local C-Regularized Semigroups
  • G.Lumer:
    On the Growth Orders of the Resolvents for an Explicit Class of Superstable Semigroups
  • M.Matolcsi, R.Shvidkoy:
    Counterexample to the Trotter Product Formula for Projections
  • V.Maz'ya, T.Shaposhnikova:
    Sharp Pointwise Interpolation Inequalities for Derivatives
  • G.Metafune, D.Pallara and M.Wacker:
    Compactness Properties of Feller Semigroups
  • S.Monniaux:
    On Uniqueness for the Navier-Stokes System in 3D-Bounded Lipschitz Domains
  • S.-Y.Shaw:
    On α-Times Integrated Semigroups
  • E.Strouse:
    A Nehari Theorem for Hankel Operators on the Polydisc
  • K.Taira:
    Boundary Value Problems of Nonlinear Elastostatics
  • M.Warma:
    Wentzell-Robin Boundary Conditions on C[0,1]
  • T.Yokota:
    Common Construction of Solutions for the Complex Ginzburg-Landau and Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations