M.A. Rezan Nehir Mavioğlu

R. Nehir Mavioğlu received her B.Sc. degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) from Boğaziçi University, Turkey in 2015. During her bachelor studies, she worked with Dr. Aslı Tolun from MBG department and investigated the genes responsible from some rare neurological diseases. She also worked as an intern in Vrije University Amsterdam with Dr. Meike Bartels about heritability of optimism in adolescent twins, and in University of Würzburg with Dr. Klaus-Peter Lesch’s team in the effects of fear conditioning in Tph2 knockout mice.

She received her M.A. degree in Psychology with a focus on psychobiology from Boğaziçi University, in 2018. During her master studies supervised by Dr. Elif Aysimi Duman, she focused on gene-environment interactions, and their effects on HPA-axis activity and behaviour of children and young adults.

Since September 2018 she is a Ph.D. student at the department of Clinical & Biological Psychology at Ulm University.




Rezan Nehir Mavioğlu
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WS 2018/2019 Introduction to Psychotraumatology


Mavioğlu, R.N., & Duman, E.A. (in preparation). 5-HTTLPR and sex moderate the relationships between loneliness, subjective well-being and HPA-axis.

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Poster presentations

Mavioğlu, R. N., Eroğlu, F., Dedeoğlu, G., Corapci, F., & Duman, E. A. Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Preschoolers’ Social Competence: Moderation by Serotonin Transporter Genotype and Sex. Poster Presentation on April 6-8, 2017 in SRCD 2017, Austin TX.

Mavioğlu, R.N. & Duman, E.A. (2016). Changes in HPA-axis Reactivity by Subjective Well-Being: Impact of Loneliness, Gender and Serotonin Transporter Genotype. Poster presentation in the 46th International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology Conference, September 8-11, 2016, Miami, USA.

Kursuncu, S*., Mavioğlu, R.N*., & Duman, E.A. (2015). Relationship Between Subjective Well-Being and Cortisol Awakening Response: Moderation by Serotonin Transporter Genotype. Poster presentation on Sept 12-15, 2015 in EBBS 2015, Verona * Equal contribution.

Mavioğlu, R.N., Kara, B., & Tolun, A. (2015). Searching for a gene responsible from cerebellar ataxia and mild intellectual disability. Poster presentation on June 6-9, 2015 in ESHG 2015, Glasgow.