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ARTIS ("Advanced Research Topics in IT-Security") is a novel and innovative lecture that is co-taught by professors from both Ulm University and our cooperation partner at German University Cairo. Besides learning about latest research in IT-Security, you will also be exposed to an international learning-environment. More information about this lecture can be found in this slideset. Please note that the number of attendees from Ulm side is limited to 16, but there are still open slots to which you can subscribe directly in Moodle. As the initial application deadline has passed, remaining slots are handed out on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Title: Advanced Research Topics in IT Security
Typ: Lecture
Token / Number / Module number: 75263
Semester hours / Credits: 4 / 6 ECTS
Lecturers (Ulm): Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl, Dr. Christoph Bösch
Lecturers (GUC): Prof. Amr El-Mougy, Prof. Amr Talaat, Prof. Tallal El-Shabrawy
Tutor: N/A
General schedule:

Starts Monday, 2021-04-19

Learning platform:
Exams: Oral exam with individual appointment after end of lecture

There is a limited capacity of 16 students from Ulm University for this course. In order to be admitted to the course, please prepare a one-page motivation letter as PDF and submit it to a dropbox-folder in the Unitersity's Nextcloud.

Application is now open for everyone. Please subscribe to the Moodle course only if you intend to allocate a slot and attend the lecture. No motivation letter is required anymore.

Deadline for first-round applications (expired): 2021-03-22 23:59 CET (all applications received after this deadline will only be considered if course is not full yet)

The motivation letter should include:

  • Who you are (Name, Immatriculation-#)
  • A motivation why you want to attend the course
  • An overview what relevant experience (courses, other) you bring to the course

Description and general information

Integration of module into courses of studies:

Informatik, M.Sc., FSPO 2017 | 2014 Technische und Systemnahe Informatik,
Informatik, M.Sc., FSPO 2017 | 2014 IT-Sicherheit,
Medieninformatik, M.Sc., 2017 | 2014 Technische und Systemnahe Informatik,
Medieninformatik, M.Sc., 2017 | 2014 IT-Sicherheit,
Software Engineering, M.Sc., 2017 | 2014 Technische und Systemnahe Informatik,
Software Engineering, M.Sc., 2017 | 2014 IT-Sicherheit

Modes of learning and teaching: Advanced Research Topics in IT Security (Lecture) (2 SWS),
Advanced Research Topics in IT-Security (Project) (2 SWS)
Module authority: Prof. Dr. Frank Kargl
Language: English
Turn / Duration: every summer term / 1 semester
Requirements (contentual): Solid foundation in IT security, e.g., by attending the lecture ’Security in IT-Systems’ or similar.
Requirements (formal): None
Basis for: Projects and Master theses.
Learning objectives:

Students will learn about recent research work in the area of IT security presented at top conferences and in high-class journals. Besides deepening the knowledge in IT security, the course also aims to strengthen students’ skills to work with and understand original research publications and to have informed discussions about it.

As this course is taught in collaboration with researchers from German University Cairo and students have to do a semester project in a team with students from Ulm and Cairo, the course is also strengthening the competency to work in international and online teams.


Each week we will select one new papers from recent research conferences or journals. The lecture will present the fundamental knowledge that student’s need to read and understand the presented papers until the following week. In this following week, the lecture will start with a 45 minute discussion of these papers, followed by a lecture to prepare the next week’s papers.

Topics may include, for example:

  • Physical Layer Security
  • Security of Machine Learning
  • Usable Security and Privacy
  • Trusted Execution Environments
Topics will be updated on a yearly basis as the research field develops and will be based on recent publications at top conferences and in journals. Students will also have work on a project assignment where they have to provide a deeper investigation and discussion of a selected topic. This semester project will be worked on in a shared team with students from Ulm and GUC.
Topics can change every semester depending on recent research trends.

Literature will be provided as references to research papers available to students in digital libraries.

Course assessment and exams: Examination will be based on the project results and an oral exam.

The module examination consists of a graded oral examination (3 ECTS) and a graded practical examination (3 ECTS).
The module grade is equal to the credit-weighted average of the individual grades.

Estimation of effort: Presence Lecture: 28 h
Paper study: 56 h
Work on semester project: 70 h
Exam preparation: 25 h
Exam: 1 h
Total: 180h