DBIS Receives Grant from the European Research Project CHRODIS+

Ulm University

The Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) from Ulm University is participating in another research project funded by the European Union. In the CHRODIS+ project, different studies shall investigate Europe-wide how chronic diseases can be better treated or even avoided in future. In the project, DBIS will develop advanced mobile apps that shall fundamentally improve the situation of chronically ill patients in future. 

115 billion Euro – this is the estimated price, European countries have to pay every year due to chronic diseases. An enormous burden, which has been the starting point of the Europe-wide research project CHRODIS+. A few weeks ago, the joint project was started in a 3-days kick-off. In the following 36 months, in total, 42 institutions from 18 different European countries will participate in different sub-projects. In the CHRODIS+ project, Germany is represented by the Universities of Ulm, Regensburg and Magdeburg, which will collaborate in a cross-university working group. 

The German team (see photo), whose members have already collaborated in the EU-granted  Innovative Training Network ESIT  (2017 – 2020), will develop a mobile app for Tinnituts patients in the CHRODIS+ project. „With the mobile app, we aim to optimize therapy strategies for chronically ill patients. If the concept proves effective, it will be transferable to other chronic diseases as well“ explains Dr. Rüdiger Pryss, the coordinator of the project activities at Ulm University.

Helping tinnitus patients with the TrackYourTinnitus app
The german CHRODIS+ project team: Manfred Reichert (Ulm University), Winfried Schlee (Regensburg University), Myra Spiliopoulou (Magdeburg University), Rüdiger Pryss (Ulm University) und Berthold Languth (Regensburg University)