Institute of Measurement, Control and Microtechnology

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The feedback principle is a basis of every controller and can be regarded as one of nature's universal  principles. No creature would have the ability to move without continuously measuring its state, processing of these signals data and feeding back information to muscles. Methods from the interdisciplinary fields of measurement and control engineering are applied within numerous areas and build the basis of automation of complex processes and plants.

Research at the Institute of Measurement, Control and Microtechnology comprises modelling, analysis, and simulation of dynamic systems, design methods for distributed-parameter and multi-agent systems, model-based measurement methods, as well as fusion methods for information from multichannel sensor streams. An additional focus is set on methods for estimating states and probability of existence of objects measured by sensors and on classification methods. Areas of application include, but are not limited to automotive and medical engineering. Teaching comprises basic and advanced courses on measurement, control, and automation engineering.


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Dietmayer
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Joachim Deutscher