Conny Olz

I joined the institute in January 2019, where I am working on theoretical foundations of Hierarchical Planning, in particular for domain modelling support. Between 2012 and 2018 I studied mathematics at Ulm University. During my studies I was mainly interested in Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization.

Further Information

  • Theoretical foundations of Hierarchical Planning
  • Domain modelling support
  • Computational complexity theory
  • Post-optimization of partially ordered plans


  • WiSe 21/22: Lecture "Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence"
  • SoSe 21: Lecture "Intelligente Handlungsplanung" (engl. Automated Planning)
  • WiSe 20/21: Lecture "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"
  • WiSe 19/20: Lecture "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"
  • Sose 19: Lecture "Introduction to Computer Science"
  • Sose 19 - WiSe 21/22: Pro-Seminar "Artificial Intelligence"


As a student

  • SoSe 18: Tutor for "Elementare Zahlentheorie"
  • SoSe 16: Tutor for "Optimierung/OR 1"
  • WiSe 15/16: Tutor for "Analysis 1"
  • SoSe 14: Tutor for "Analysis 1

I've been the supervisor of the following student's theses:

Bachelor Theses

  • Inferring Effects of Compound Tasks in HTN Planning Domains: Implementation and Evaluation (2020)
  • Enriching Hierarchical Plans by Extracting Summary Information for Abstract Tasks (2020)
  • Algorithms for Identifying and Eliminating Redundant Actions in Partially Ordered Plans (2019)

Master Theses

  • On the Exploitation of Total Order in Partial Order HTN Planning (2021)

Program Committee (PC) member at conferences:

  • AAAI: 2021

Program Committee (PC) member at workshops:

  • HPLAN, i.e., Hierarchical Planning: 2020, 2021



C. Olz, S. Biundo and P. Bercher, "Revealing Hidden Preconditions and Effects of Compound HTN Planning Tasks – A Complexity Analysis" in Proceedings of the 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2021), AAAI Press, 2021.
C. Olz, E. Wierzba, P. Bercher and F. Lindner, "Towards Improving the Comprehension of HTN Planning Domains by Means of Preconditions and Effects of Compound Tasks" in Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling (KEPS 2021), 2021.


P. Bercher and C. Olz, "POP ≡ POCL, right? Complexity Results for Partial Order (Causal Link) Makespan Minimization" in Proceedings of the 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2020), AAAI Press, 2020, pp. 9785--9793.


C. Olz and P. Bercher, "Eliminating Redundant Actions in Partially Ordered Plans -- A Complexity Analysis" in Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2019), AAAI Press, 2019, pp. 310--319.