CHE ranking: Students give Ulm University best marks

Ulm University

Ulm University’s excellent results in the 2017/2018 CHE ranking can be summed up in the following words: high studying satisfaction, strong job market relevance and a particularly international orientation. For the master’s degree programmes in the Economics Department, Ulm University ranks exceptionally well in the areas “academic studies and teaching”, “international orientation” and “job market and career orientation”. Ulm University appears in the top group on Germany’s largest university ranking in several areas.

For this ranking list, Ulm University’s master’s degree programmes “Economics” and “Sustainable Management” were evaluated. Ulm University performed exceptionally well in the student survey. The surveyed master’s students gave out best marks for categories such as teacher support, courses offered, exams and overall study situation, earning Ulm University one of the top spots on the list. The “social climate between students and instructors” was also rated above average. The evaluated master’s degree programmes also performed well in the category of “graduations in appropriate time”.

Top scores were awarded in the area “job market and career orientation”: more than 34 per cent of all master’s theses at Ulm University are written in cooperation with companies. Here Ulm is far ahead of the second place, Würzburg University, at 26 per cent. The best marks were awarded to Ulm University as well for the proportion of practitioners in teaching: 35 per cent, coming in at second place. In the category “international orientation”, Ulm University’s master’s degree programmes also make it to the top group. In terms of equipment and research, however, Ulm has to settle for a place in the middle group. There is room for improvement in the category “third-party funds per academic”.

“The results show that our master’s students are very satisfied with their studying situation. They also have the opportunity to establish contacts in industry during their studies, to be confronted with issues relevant to businesses and to work through them from a scientific perspective. Our courses offered in English and with an international focus offer the best foundation for successful studies abroad as well. All these advantages are also reflected in the ranking,” states Professor Alexander Lindner, dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics.

Ulm in the top group in the category “overall study situation”

The ranking carried out by the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) is considered the largest university ranking in Germany. It is based not only on voluminous data collections, but also on extensive surveying of a large number of students. The results are published in the current edition of ZEIT Campus. The current ranking focuses on master’s degree programmes in the areas of business management, business information systems, macroeconomics and economics.

For the master’s degree programmes in the field of economics (i.e. without business management, macroeconomics and business information systems), the universities in Bochum, Frankfurt am Main, Mainz, Paderborn and Ulm as well as the private Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen were rated particularly well by the students in the current ranking, reaching the top group in the category “overall study situation”. (Source: CHE press release from 4 December 2017, and others)

Text and media contact: Andrea Weber-Tuckermann

Screenshot of the CHE Ranking Website
Satisfaction with the overall study situation is very high among economics students at Ulm University. (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt/Ulm University)
Students of the master’s degree programmes Economics and Sustainable Management feel that they are in good hands at Ulm University. (Photo: Elvira Eberhardt/Ulm University)