Practice & Transfer

The practical application of the methods and concepts that we teach plays a very important role at our faculty, as does the transfer of research results and contacts into practice. Here is some information about this and how students benefit from it:

Hands-on Learning

Our degree programs include special courses in which students develop practical solutions to specific problems. In addition, there are application examples in lectures and exercises, practical tasks in seminars and theses as well as the insights and contacts offered by guest lecturers and speakers from industry. 


Transfer & Starting up

Faculty members are involved in institutions and networks aimed at putting research results into practice or helping students to become entrepreneurs themselves: DASU, Entrepreneurs Campus, Network Data Economy, Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurship (TENT). Students benefit, for example, through jobs as research assistants or working students.

Head Start in Your Career

Students can have examinations that they take as part of their studies at our faculty credited towards the professional exam of the German Chamber of Public Accountants (WPK) as well as the professional exam of the German Actuarial Association (DAV). In the "Study with Deep Practice" scheme, master's studies are combined with practical phases in partner companies.

In Tune With the Times

An advisory board with representatives from the business world advises the faculty on important decisions and helps us to take up developments in the business world when designing our degree programs. The members have studied at our faculty or have special ties to it for other reasons.

Student Associations

There are very active student associations at the faculty, which not only organize excursions and guest talks by practitioners, but also enable our students to gain practical experience themselves and get in touch with alumni: Börsenforum Ulm, Priamos Consulting Group, Netzwerk Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung, Studium & Praxis.

Internships & Jobs

If you are looking for an internship or a job, you will not only benefit from the excellent reputation of our study programs and the well-established networks.  The WiMa Congress, organized by the association "Studium & Praxis", offers the opportunity to get in touch with companies in an uncomplicated way.

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Study with deep practice

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- DASU, Entrepreneurs Campus, Netwerk Data Economy, TENT

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