Alumni, Friends and Supporters

The quality of the education we provide is fuelled by our commitment to research that is visible on an international scale. To fund our basic research, we have access to basic funding financed by taxes, and we build on successful research proposals submitted to research societies which are also funded by taxes. To fund the accompanying application-oriented research, which is particularly important for uniting research and teaching, we rely on the support of our alumni, friends and sponsors from the private sector. This also applies to events intended to promote the exchange between the university, companies and society; the equipment of the library; the Alumni Ball; the WiMa Kongress career day or projects that intend to lead to research proposals.

Our alumni, friends and sponsors support us in many ways, organised and facilitated by various funding initiatives affiliated with the faculty and university, which we would like to introduce to you briefly in the following. If you are interested in providing funding, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

The WiMa Ulm Foundation is the foundation of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics. As a dependent foundation, it is organised under the umbrella of the non-profit Ulm University Foundation. The purpose of the WiMa Ulm Foundation is to support research, teaching, studies and continuing education in the field of mathematics, mathematics and management, and management and economics at Ulm University. At present, research projects of the faculty in their primary research areas are supported by means of doctoral scholarships, for example.

The association Studium und Praxis e.V. was formed in 1987 as an association of students and graduates of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics at Ulm University. In addition to the annual WiMa Kongress career day, the association organises seminars, workshops, lectures and field trips during the semester.

The Ulmer Forum für Wirtschaftswissenschaften (UFW) e.V. was founded in 2004 as an association for the promotion of science, university education and practical experience. One of the main focuses of the association is to foster scientific and professional contact between students, members of the university and key representatives from the world of accounting and finance.

The Ulmer Universitätsgesellschaft e.V. evolved in 1967 from the Ulm University Working Groups and the Ulm University Board of Trustees. It was the founding association and today it is the central alumni and sponsoring association of Ulm University. The University Society of Ulm University supports the university on a non-profit basis in research and teaching, as well as in cultural and representative events.

The Börsenforum Ulm is a non-profit association with an educational mandate. It offers workshops and certificates, and implements a social approach with excursions and smaller-scale social events.