Programme curriculum

The Master’s programme Mathematical Data Science is aimed at graduates of a mathematical Bachelor’s programme and students with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and physics with in-depth knowledge of mathematics.

The knowledge acquired during the Bachelor’s degree is broadened and deepened, and students have the opportunity to design their Master’s programme individually according to their wishes.

A total of 120 credits must be earned in the Master’s programme, more or less evenly distributed across 4 semesters.

A list and description of regularly offered introductory modules and intermittently offered advanced modules can be found in the module guide.

For more information on the study programme, please contact the Programme Coordinator, Dr. Hartmut Lanzinger 

Aims of the programme

The Master’s study programme Mathematical Data Science builds on the knowledge in mathematics and the application subjects acquired in the Bachelor’s programme. In our 4-semester programme, students learn to evaluate algorithms and predictions and to develop new methods. They apply the knowledge they acquire to actual data from a wide variety of professional fields. Students are introduced to independent scientific work to a greater extent. For example, the latest research results are discussed in class, and current issues are dealt with by students, such as in their final theses. The major fields of study can be chosen according to the students’ own interests and abilities.