B.Sc. ­Mathematics

Mathematics - Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Mathematicians get to the bottom of things to solve problems. They look at abstract structures and their characteristics. It is their goal to understand the correlations of such structures and find hidden patterns. If you love riddles and keep at them with fascination until you solve the question, a degree in Mathematics might be for you.

Mathematical structures in and of themselves are interesting study objects. Things become even more exciting when you come to gain insights into phenomena of the real world and thus contribute to the greater development of economy and society. A practical question for mathematicians is, for example: How can I develop a prognosis for how a certain economic sector will develop in the upcoming years?

Nowadays, mathematics is a key discipline in many fields of application. One thing is true for all areas, from biology to medicine to actuarial sciences or new information technologies: they all depend on mathematics.



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