Skill Compass

Digital education advisor at eye level

The AI-based digital "Skill Compass" aims to accompany young people with migration experience on their path from talents to makers with the help of technological support. Since December 2020, we have been working on a digital solution to enable comprehensive access to education and counselling for youths with migration experience. Up to now, they have often suffered systematic disadvantages in terms of access to education and opportunities on the labour market – challenges that can be addressed through targeted support in the form of counselling and support programmes in order to raise the potential of young people. While learning content can already be scaled via online learning platforms, individual counselling cannot yet be scaled and thus limits the number of those who can make use of targeted support. This is where the digital "Skills Compass" comes in, which uses modern AI approaches to provide a practically unlimited number of young people with access to and guidance for navigating the sometimes overwhelming range of (continuing) education options and networking opportunities. Thanks to methods from the research field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence, the "Skill Compass" can also justify its recommendations. Similar to a conversation with a human mentor, the user can understand the suggestions, reflect on themselves and also contradict the "Skill Compass". The "Skill Compass" in turn learns from this feedback and can make more suitable suggestions in the future.

Cooperation partners: START Foundation, Kiron Open Higher Education,

Project period: December 2020 – ongoing


In a joint project, Ulm University, START, Kiron and the start-up have identified requirements for the "Skill Compass" as part of the "Gemeinsam wird es KI" ("Together it becomes AI" – a competition of the Civic Innovation Platform of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs), implemented them in a prototype and tested them with scholarship holders. The concept won a prize in the associated "Gemeinsam wird es KI" ideas competition.

Now, the digital "Skill Compass" is being implemented: Ulm University, START, Kiron and the start-up are implementing the "Skill Compass" and rolling it out as part of the START Campus for young people with migration experience. In the future, the model can be transferred to similar support programmes for young people – scaling it to up to 4 million young people with a migration background – and thus demonstrate the responsible use of AI in (continuing) education.