XAI Studio

Designing the AI of tomorrow

Methods in the field of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) generate automated explanations of decisions made by AI systems that are understandable to humans. XAI aims to unleash the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). To ensure the transfer of promising research results into practice, the specific needs of users and the framework conditions in organizations must be taken into account.

This is where the XAI Studio comes in. What began in 2018 with basic research under the direction of Prof. Dr. Mathias Klier at the Institute for Business Analytics is now a nationwide active network of experts from research and start-ups. In the XAI Studio, interdisciplinary teams from research and practice work together to implement innovation projects and test new fields of application of XAI in practice. The XAI Studio combines technical and methodological expertise, professional project management and modern software development in one place. The goal of the XAI Studio is to accompany projects from the initial idea to the implementation of fully functional show cases, but also to support extensive implementation projects and the anchoring of innovative AI in organizations.


The XAI Studio supports companies, public administration and other organizations in developing the potential of AI with the help of the key technology XAI. In doing so, competencies from research and practice are bundled.

The focus of the XAI Studio is on application areas in which humans interact with AI systems and in which the lack of comprehensibility of AI systems is a problem. XAI aims to enable employees of companies and organizations to comprehend AI-based decisions and thus deal with AI systems more easily and profitably. In this way, the XAI Studio demonstrates the potential of Explainable AI and contributes to an impactful and responsible use of AI.